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As I write this post, it still feels like just yesterday that I was anxiously awaiting the mentee announcements for Pitch Wars 2016. For all of you Pitch Wars hopefuls, I have this to say: Remember that getting or not getting a spot in this or any contest is not the end or beginning of your writing career, although I know it might feel as though it is. There are a lot of things we can’t control in this business of writing. But what you can do is believe in yourself and have faith that if you keep at it, you will eventually get there.

But I do want to share some things I’ve learned from my Pitch Wars experience and my debut year so far:

-the writing community is incredible and I couldn’t have gone through any of this without the support of many people whom I first got to know during Pitch Wars. Find your writing family and be there for one another as you navigate this journey.

-Try not to compare your progress with others. I know it’s easier said than done and I did a lot of it myself before I realized that the only one I want to compete with is me. So instead of focusing on where others are in this journey, I now choose to remember where I was at the beginning and how far I’ve come. Then I can set realistic goals for myself of where I want to be in the future.

-Be kind to yourself. It’s easy to beat yourself up and think that you’re doing something wrong. But sometimes it’s the timing of things and all you can do is continue to write. Other times, you have to take stock and decide if you need to do some things differently. But either way, remember that you’re doing something to get closer to your goals.

-Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. A lot of us are in the same boat, trying to figure things out. It’s okay to ask for advice as long you are respectful for other people’s time.

-Recognize when you need to step away and focus on your own well-being. Sometimes it’s hard to feel good about where you are in the journey and it’s okay to take time for yourself.

I wish you all the very best!!








Author: sabina khan

Sabina Khan is the author of THE LOVE & LIES OF RUKHSANA ALI (Spring 2019/Scholastic) . She is an educational consultant and a karaoke enthusiast. After living in Germany, Bangladesh, Macao, Illinois and Texas, she has finally settled down in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with her husband, two daughters and the world's best puppy.

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