Creative Ink Festival – April 25, 2015

The Creative Ink Festival will include workshops, presentations and panels from professional authors and artists. You’ll have the opportunity to get help with your craft, to attend readings, shop with sponsors and artists and much more! The cost is $25 for the full day of programming. I will be on two panels and I will also be reading from Realm of the Goddess. Here are the details of my schedule:

The Importance of Diversity in Fiction Ballroom B      10-11 am
Sabina Khan, Christel Bodenbender, Jessica Corra, Lynda Williams, Bevan Thomas
The diversity in the world around us is not adequately represented in fiction today. How can we make sure that readers can see themselves reflected in the characters they read about? How can we include the entire spectrum of cultures, genders & abilities in our narratives? Come and join a discussion on the urgent need for diversity in fiction today.

Blue Pencil Sessions   11-12 noon Panorama

This is your opportunity to sit down with an industry professional for fifteen minutes, to share you work and receive immediate feedback. Bring three pages of your best work (double-spaced for authors, artwork for artists ). The pro will read (or view) your work and give their input. You may also want to bring your questions about troubles you’re having with the piece.Blue Pencil Sign Up Now Available!

Reading from Realm of the Goddess  Panorama   12:30-1 pm

The Dollars and Sense of Self-Publishing Ballroom B    6-7 pm

Mark Teppo, Sabina Khan, Randy McCharles, Jo-Anne McLean, Katrina Archer
Doing it yourself is all well and good, but put 4 self-published authors in a room and you will hear 5 ways to go about it. So let’s do that. e-Book only? Does CreateSpace work for Canadian authors? Where are the hidden costs? How do I get a good cover? My kingdom for a good editor. How soon will I get rich? Self-published authors tell all.


I hope to see you there!!

Find out more at

Location: Executive Inn and Suites, 4201 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby.

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